Pasta With Vegetarian Ragu


We were saying how the weather wasn’t so great today, but it turned out to be beautiful in the afternoon.  It’s expected to be around 22C from the weekend for a few days but is expected to get as hot as 26C or 27C in London.  Although the temperature drops down to 10C or below here it still gest as warm as 25C in the bedroom and we have been using the air-conditoner now and again during the night.

先日のベジタリアンのムサカのソースがたくさん余ってしまったので、今日、パスタと和えていただきました。ソースにはお野菜と赤いレンティルのラグーとホワイトソースが混ざっています。パスタは、お友達がお料理教室で教わったとインスタに投稿されていた、radiatori というパスタ。「イギリスではメジャーなもの以外あまり見かけないので、ないと思う」と言いながら検索してみたら、いつも使っているオンラインスーパーにあってびっくり。このパスタ、メジャーなのでしょうか?溝にソースが入って美味しかったです。

As there was quite a lot of the sauce left from the Moussaka the other night, we used it as a pasta sauce.  The sauce has ragu made with vegetables and red lentils plus a white sauce.  The pasta is called Radiatori, which I learned about from an Instagram post by a friend, who learned it at her cooking class.  I was saying that the pasta we see in supermarkets here were all quite ordinary ones so I wasn’t expecting to find such an unusual pasta but when I searched I was pleasantly surprised to see  it on the online supermarket we use.  Is it common?  Anyway, we used Radiatori and it was very good.  The shape of the pasta holds the sauce well.











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