Gazpacho & Omlette


Today’s dinner was Gazpacho and Onion Omlette.  We had quite a lot of hot days so I started wanting to have Gazpacho, but the temperature dropped a couple of days ago and it’s not really “Gazpacho weather” any more!  Still, it was quite a nice day today and not too cold.


I used to make Gazpacho quite often in summer but I wasn’t able to find delicious tomatoes in Singapore so I stopped making it.  Tomatoes here sometimes are delicious but sometimes have no taste, even the same maker’s.  We just buy the maker that seems to be better than others.

以前作っていた時は、Delia Smith のレシピで作っていましたが、今日は Cookidoo のレシピで夫が作ってくれました。わたしは他のことをしていたので詳しくは見ていませんが、Delia Smith のレシピとよく似ている気がしましたし(パンは入りませんが)、実際に出来上がったものの味もよく似ていたように思います、とても美味しかったです。普通のレシピと違って皮を剥かなくて良いのが楽。サーモミックスが強力なパワーなので、皮が入っていてもすごくスムーズに出来上がるのです。

I used to use Delia Smith’s recipe but today my husband made it using a Cookidoo (Thermomix) recipe.  I was doing other things when he was making it so I didn’t see the quantity of each ingredient closely but it looked quite similar (except that this one doesn’t use bread – I used to omit bread anyway) and the taste also seems very similar.  It was very good.  Unlike most recipes you don’t need to blanch and peel the tomatoes – presumably because of the high power chopping the tomato skin just becomes as smooth as other ingredients and you would not see it at all, it was very smooth and good.








A friend of mine made this onion omlette when I visited her and I’ve been making this quite often since.  At first I was making a mess of it but once I got the hang of it I find it very easy.  We had it with rocket salad.



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    ガスパッチョの器も素敵!! 涼しげで良いですね。

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