Lunch At Boston Tea Party

今日はチチェスター の美容院で髪の根元を染めてもらってきました。(事情があってカットとカラーを別の美容院でしてもらっています。)丁度お昼頃に終わったので、チチェスター のカフェ「Boston Tea Party」で夫とお昼を食べて来ました。



I had my hair roots coloured at a salon in Chichester today and then had lunch with my husband in “Boston Tea Party” as it finished around lunch time.

My husband had English Full Breakfast like last time.





I had Ham & Cheese Toastie.





It was raining in the morning, then got a little better and sunny later in the afternoon but the temperature has been relatively low and even a bit chilly.  Here in England even in the summer it can get quite cold when the weather isn’t good.



I’m still working hard at organsising my new Craft Room, but it’s taking time.  Things seem to take a long time after you feel you are nearly there!  I’m going through each drawer, each shelf.



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