Meatball Pasta


I’m still working on organising my craft room.  As everything is more less where it should be, I have started re-organising each drawer, each shelf etc and also getting rid of what I won’t be using or those thongs that don’t work etc.  As I’m doing all that on my feet, my legs and lower back get quite tired after a few hours.  There are now so many Muji plastic boxes that have been emptied and I won’t now need.  I’m using some of them in drawers and shelves but the taller ones don’t fit in many drawers so I’ll have to get rid of them.  They were quite expensive in Singapore so it seems such a shame but they take so much room and I don’t think I’ll be using many of them now that I have more drawers and shelves than I did in Singapore.  As I run out of drawers and shelves for my card making stuff, I used to put everything that would fit in the boxes and just stacked them up under my work table.


今日は、夕食は夫が作ってくれました。イギリスに来るまでは結婚した時から30年以上、ずっと土日は基本的に夫が作ってくれていました。こちらに来たら一緒にお料理するのが楽しみだと夫がずっと言っていたので。基本的に今は一緒に作っていますが、どうしても主導権は私になるので(夫にレパートリーがそれほどない)、ちょっとつまらないのではないかと思います。わたしは作ってくれるのは大助かり。お野菜を切るところだけお手伝いしました。Delia Smith の昔の本のレシピで、長く作ってくれているミートボールのパスタ、とても美味しかったです。食後のチーズもいただいて、夫が働いていたときの土曜日のようでした。

My husband cooked the dinner tonight on his own.  He was cooking dinner on Saturdays and Sundays ever since we got married 30-some years ago.  He kept saying how much he was going to look forward to cooking together after he retired and we do cook together most of the time, but I have more repertoire than my husband so he often doesn’t know what to do unless I tell him and I think he misses cooking on his own.  Anyway, it was lovely that he cooked, I did chop some vegetables for him but that was all I did.  It was Meatballs with pasta, excellent, very tasty.  We also had cheese after this and it was like Saturdays used to be when my husband was still working.








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