Finally Moved In! (Craft Room Update)


Finally, I moved into my new craft room!!  Yay!  It’s been a year and a half since we moved to this house and I can finally be in my own room at my computer and make cards etc.


The work table I’ve been using is Ikea’s extendable dining table.  In Singapore I had it to the maximm length and had another square table next to it to make an L-shaped surface.  The room we were using for a study/craft room was very large so I had a large desk for my PC as well (and my husband also had his) but here there isn’t enough room for that so I’m going to use the square one as a computer table.  This actually works nicely because I often want to refer to a Youtube video when I am creating a card.


However, I had a feeling this would happen but sadly the tables don’t look right in the new craft room.  The colour looks very wrong and the style doesn’t look right either.  We wanted them to work so we brought them with us when we moved but we’ve decided we’ll get new ones that will work better in this room.  I also need to buy one of those chairs that spins around.



I haven’t finished 100%. I still need to go through some remaining stuff, and need to buy white, black or grey boxes that can go on the shelves. We need to get rid of lots of plastic boxes and I need to style the shelves in the reading nook, but I think overall it’s more or less done.



It feels strange, I keep wanting to go to the corner in the dining room for my PC or to get something.

















This is the room when we moved in when it was still a garage. Quite a change!



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