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Tonight’s dinner was Izakaya style Japanese (Izakaya in Japan are drinking places, where you drink and eat small bits and pieces).  In our interpretation we had rice with it unlike in normal Izakaya, where you don’t usually do so.

I’ve been wanting to use up the last bag of gyoza we made in the freezer.  We also had a little minced pork left from last night’s meat balls so I thought we could make Japanese style pork meat balls with shiso (that has been in the fridge for a little while).  I also made green bean salad with Japanese sesami dressing.  As the pork and green beans have salty & sweet taste and gyoza is on the heavier side, I thought a nice refreshing salad will go well so I asked my husband to make it.  He was in charge of making a salad and setting the table today.  They all worked well and we enjoyed the meal.











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