Milk Churn & Vintage Jars


I bought some small vintage milk churns and ceramic jars online to use for storing paint brushes, pens, colour pencils etc.  I probably should have got slightly shorter containers but they worked OK.  I have a lot more colouring pencils, colouring pens etc but they are in one of the deeper drawers.  Maybe I should get some more short jars.


If I store everything in drawers and cupboards the room will look more tidy but it’ll be harder to use them and I personally feel that these pens and brushes add some character to the room so I’m keeping these out.












When I searched for other peoples’ craft rooms online to get some inspiration, most people have white furniture from IKEA or similar furniture installed and they look super tidy, but I personally wanted a little more character. There are certain things that don’t go in any of the drawers or cupboards and I don’t want everything put away in drawers and cupboards anyway, but on the other hand if I keep too many things out the room will look too messy, so I’m trying to get the balance right for me.


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