French Onion Soup

今日は外でランチだったので夕食は軽くということで、すごく季節外れですが、夫の希望でフレンチオニオンスープを Thermomix を使って作ることにしました。なのですが、夕方、お茶の時間の後、ウィンブルドンのテニスの試合を見ている間にソファーでうたた寝してしまい、起きたらもう夫が作ってくれていました。

I know it’s very unseasonal but we’d decided to cook French Onion Soup (using the Thermomix) in the eveinng because we knew we would be out for a biggish lunch.  However, I’d fallen asleep on the sofa when we were watching the Wimbledon tennis after tea time and when I woke up I could smell the soup – my husband was already cooking it.


The onon wasn’t coloured like when you sautee slowly in a pan but it was quite sweet and very tasty.   The last time when we had French Onion Soup, the dishes were a little too small and it was a little hard to eat the bread part, so we bought a couple of Le Creuset dishes.  We thought they were a bit too shallow but that made it easier to cut the bread with a spoon and it worked well.  French Onion Soup is quite difficult to eat!







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