Lyndhurst – 6th Day (Picnic In Winchester)


We had a picnic in the grounds of Winchester Cathedral with my husband’s families (his elder brother, his partner and their son, and his younger brother and his wife) at lunch time. The weather forecast wasn’t good for this week but this was the one good day without rain between some possible rainy days. Very lucky!

In Japan people would be sitting underneath the tree shade but not here, they all avoid the shade. I was glad I had a parasol with me!

ウィンチェスターは我が家からなら1時間半くらいで、3家族の家の真ん中くらいということで選ばれた場所だったようですが、わたしたちは今日はLyndhurst からだったので30分くらいでした。

They chose Winchester because it would have been about the same distance from the places where the 3 families live, which was about an hour and a half, but as we are staying in Lyndhurst this week it took us only 30 minutes.


It was quite sunny most of the time while we were there, I would have got red from the sun if I hadn’t had a parasol.




It was quite tough to be sitting on the ground that long specially because it was slightly sloping. I’m too old for this!

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