Lyndhurst- 7th Day (Change Of Plan)

Lyndhurst での1週間も今日が最後、明日は家に戻ります。

Today is the last day in Lyndhurst, we’ll be going back home tomorrow.

今日はまた一日中雨という予報で朝は雨が降りましたがお昼には上がっていたので、ランチの後、行ってみたかった Exbury Gardens というガーデンズに行って見ました。家から車で25分。ところが着いてみると門が閉まっていて、悪天候のためクローズとありました。ここは小さい機関車が中を走っていて、お天気が悪いと機関車が走らないのは知っていましたが、ガーデンズそのものがクローズするとは。結構風が強かったので、多分そのせいかと思います、雨の予報でしたしね。

Although the weather forecast said it was going to be raining most of today and it rained in the morning, it had stopped by lunchtime and we decided to go to Exbury Gardens. It’s about 25 minutes by car from the cottage. However when we got there the gate was closed and there was a notice saying it was closed due to the bad weather. They have a small steam engine running inside the gardens, which doesn’t run if the weather was bad but I didn’t know that the whole place closes in this case. It was windy and was expected to be raining.


So we just walked in the nearby town, Beaulieu and also in the New Forest before coming back to the cottage.  We saw little baby ponies, too.


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