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今日はお友達から朝から1週間お借りしていた Lyndhurstコテッジのお掃除をしっかりして、買っておいたスーパーのサンドイッチをお昼に食べて、念入りに忘れ物がないかチェックをして午後に家に戻ってきました。渋滞がなければ車で1時間半かからない距離ですが、気分転換になりました。お天気も行く前に出ていた天気予報より良かったですし、夕食を作ったり洗い物をしたりしなくてよく、レストランまで歩いて行ける距離なので気軽に外食も出来、出不精のわたしたちは家にいると余り出かけないので毎日どこかしらにお出かけしたりと楽しい1週間でした。

This morning we cleaned the cottage we were renting in Lyndhurst for a week from our friends very thoroughly in the morning, had sandwiches from a supermarket for lunch, checked that we didn’t leave anything behind and then drove home, arriving mid-afternoon.  It takes less than an hour and a half so it’s very close to home, but it was nice to have a change of scene.  The weather was better than we expcted from the weather forecast we saw before we left for Lyndhurst, we didn’t have to cook dinner or do a washing up much, we could walk to a restaurant in the evening as the cottage is close to the town.  It was also good that we were sort of “forced” to go out every day because we both are happy to stay home when we are in our own house.


Since we’ve been able to travel again we’ve been to the Cotswolds, Devon & the New Forest, which are all very close from home.  We would love to go to Europe and we’d love to go to places like Scotland, Wales, and Cornwall, but as we expected all the good hotels and holiday cottages are booked up.  You can find a room for one night here and there but it’s not possible to book a room for several consecutive nights in one hotel so we’ve sort of given up for now.  We’ll still be looking for a place but it doesn’t look likely that we’ll find any for quite a while.


Today’s dinner was Japanese vegetable curry, it’s something I don’t need to read a recipe so easy to make.  It came up quite spicy but very tasty.  I know I write it every time when we come home from being away, but it is so good to be home and it’s good to have a home cooked dinner.




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