Mushroom Risotto


It’s been “cloudy with some sun shine and some shower, sometimes a strom” sort of weather, but it looks like we’ll be having some nice weather in the next 10 days or so.

冷蔵庫に早く使った方が良さそうなマッシュルームがあったので、今日の夕食はマッシュルームのリゾットにしました。Thermomix を使ったので、ほぼ夫が楽しそうに作ってくれました。Thermomix のレシピにドライポルチーニを戻したものとその戻し汁を足しています。とても美味しかったです。Thermomix を使うと大体毎回同じように仕上がりますし、キッチンが暑くならないですし、洗い物もとても少なくて食後の片付けがあっという間に終わるのが嬉しい。

We had some mushrooms that we should use quickly so made mushroom risotto for today’s evening meal.  As it was using a Thermomix recipe, my huband was having fun cooking it.  We add dry porcini and the liquid you soak them in to fresh mushrooms.  It was very good.  When you use the Thermomix, the result is more or less consistent, the kitchen doesn’t get hot and you don’t need to do a lot of washing up – there was very few items to wash after dinner.


We thought just risotto may not feel enough so had cheese after the meal.  We tend to keep a few cheeses all the time but don’t necessarily have it after a meal so often, maybe just once a week or so.  Today’s cheese was English Brie and Brighton Blue.







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