Cowdray Farm Shop & Cafe

この数週間内で旅行に出たり外食することが何度かあったせいか、前回、お肉屋さんで買ったのは6月初めなので既に3ヶ月経っているのですが、そのときに真空パックにして冷凍したお肉類がまだ少し残っています。もっと早く消費したいのですけど。なのですが、煮込み系に使うお肉やステーキ用のお肉がなくなってしまったので、今日、Petworth に買い出しに行ってきました。以前は、お肉屋さんと同じところが営業している食料品店に寄ってチーズや足らなくなったお野菜やフルーツなど買っていたのですが、生鮮品の品揃えが少ないので、食料品店にはたまにしか行かなくなりました。

そして、帰りにMidhurst のすぐ近くにある Cowdray Farm Shop & Cafe のカフェでランチをしました。わたしは、エッグマヨネーズサンド、夫はBLTサンド。

It was 3 months ago when we went to Petworth’s Butcher’s and, I guess it’s partly because we’ve been away for a few nights and also started going out for meals now and again but also because we bought too much meat on that visit. There is still some meat (that we vacuum packed) left in the freezer.  I would really like to eat them within a month or two.  There was no meat for slow-cooking, or steak, so we went to the butcher’s today.  We also used to go to the grocery shop that belongs to the butcher’s (but not in the same place) to buy cheese and just a small amount of vegetables/fruits if we need, but they don’t have a lot of kinds so we don’t go there often.  Instead, today we went to Cowdray Farm Shop & Cafe to have lunch and also get just a few vegetables.  I saw lovely hydrangeas so bought a bunch.

My husband had BLT sandwich and I had Egg Mayonnaise sandwich.







These hydrangeas are small but with lovely colours, I prefer these to the large pink ones we had a few weeks ago (and 2 of them are still going!).



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