Thirteen Church Street Thai Restaurant

今日のディナーは、Storrington の「Thirteen Church Street Thai Restaurant」に行きました。これまで行ったタイ料理のレストランとは少し違って、お洒落で今っぽいインテリアでお料理の出し方もお洒落っぽい洋風なプレゼンテーションでした。

We went to “Church Street Thai Restaurant” for dinner today.  It was quite different from other Thai restaurants we’d been to before, it’s more posh and “current” decor and the presentations were also more posh and western style.


They gave us an amuse – fresh spring rolls, it was very nice.





Although it’s a Thai restaurant, their menu had “starter, main, dessert” categories and you are obviously expected to have a starter, a main and a dessert (if you are having) seeing that the prices for the starters are high.  As we wanted to order a few dishes and share like you would in Thailand, we asked a staff if it was possible and he told us they can make a plate of 4 starters (not everything on the menu but the less expensive ones) so that’s what we did.  We chose Mee Grob (crispy and sweet noodles) with Tofu, Chicken Satay, Deep Fried Spring Rolls & Papaya Salad.  We enjoyed them.





For the main we chose stir-fried beef with basil and Green Chicken Curry and shared.  The beef dish was more like stir fried with soy sauce (or fish sauce) and oyster sauce, it was quite strongly seasoned but tasty enough.   Green Chicken Curry was very good.





For dessert we shared hot bananas with coconut ice cream and salted caramel sauce.





We had 2 bottles of beer, 1 bottle of sparkling water and the bill was 83 pounds, which seems on a high side in England.


We enjoyed what we had and the service was good as well, but the table was so small that it was a little stressful to eat.  We booked a table today so I guess that was the only table available but we saw some couples using a 4 persons tables so next time when we make a booking we would request to give us a larger table if available.


Thirteen Church Street
13 Church Street
Pulborough RH20 4LA

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