Loco Moco (Madam Okami Style)

香港に住んでいた時に通っていたお料理教室(シンガポールに引っ越すまで通いました)の先生でもあり、香港とハワイでレストランのシェフをされていたお友達のマダム・女将さんが Zoom でお料理教室をされています。気になりながら時間的に無理な時間帯なので(確か夜中の2時とか3時)諦めていましたが、録画を見るという方法もあるということなので、今回、ロコモコのレッスンを受けてみました。

When we lived in Hong Kong, I was taking cooking classes for quite a few years until we moved to Singapore.  The teacher of the class was also a chef at a Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong, then later in Hawaii until a few years ago, when she moved back to Japan.  She started running cooking classes on Zoom some months ago but it’s at the time when I can’t join (I think something like 2.00am or 3.00am here), so I hadn’t done any but it turns out that the classes can be taken by watching the recorded lessons.  So, I took the lesson on Loco Moco, which is a Hawaiian meal.


When we lived in Japan we used to go to Hawaii quite often but I don’t think we ever had Loco Moco there.  I have a feeling I had it in Japan many years ago but don’t remember very much about it.  The teacher told us that, in Hawaii, it’s a large amount of rice on a plate with a dip, topped with Hamburg steaks (often 2 of them) and fried eggs (often 2 as well) and a lot of gravy on the rice.  No garnish.  However, she told us we can plate it the way we like.  I think the hamberg steak’s seasoning is also her original, not necessarily similar to those in Hawaii.


In her recipe, you make 4 hamburg steaks from 300g of minced beef or pork (or a mixture of the two), but we had only 250g of mince beef so that’s what we used and made 2 hamburg steaks.  They came out very nice and tender.  On the side, there is macaroni salad, but we had no macaroni so used penne instead.  Penne doesn’t become as soft as macaroni so it seemed a little different but it wasn’t too bad.


My husband thought it was strange to have rice and macaroni on the same plate, both carbohydrate.   I suppose it can be a bit strange, but in Japan, we often have macaroni salad or very simple spaghetti on the side on a one-plate meal.  I must say it was quite filling, though.  I know they don’t put on any ‘garnish’ in Hawaii but we used a little rocket leaves and tomatoes so it looks more attractive.






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