Dinner At The Acorn

先日の旅行メモがまだ少し残っていました。Summer Lodge での2日目は、ホテルのすぐ目の前にあるパブで夕食をとりました。Summer Lodge が経営しているパブだそうです。こういうホテルのレストランはメニューの品数が少ないですし、コース料理の量も多い場合が多く、2日続けては食べる気持ちにならないので、1日はホテルのレストランで食事をして、他の日は外でいただくことも多いです。

I’d forgotten to finish blogging our trip to Dorset.  On our 2nd day at Summer Lodge, we had dinner at a pub across the street.  Apparently, the pub is run by the same owner as Summer Lodge.  In general, hotel restaurants don’t have a lot on their menus, the courses are long and heavy so we don’t want to have dinner at a hotel restaurant on more than one evening these days and we try to have a lighter meal outside the restaurant or sometimes in their bar.


When we were living in Japan (from 30 years ago for about 10 years), my husband used to be able to take a long holiday every year and we would often stay at a hotel like this for 2 weeks and the problem was the meals.  At a hotel like this, their course meals tend to be long and heavy, especially those days, and many hotels we stayed at were in the middle of nowhere, we didn’t have a choice but eating at the hotels.  It was fine in the first few days but then we would start dreading the dinner time.


My husband’s starter – Charred tender stem broccoli, pea cream, focaccia, confit duck egg, lemon foam.  The lemon form was so sour…!




I had “Today’s Soup”, which was Tomato & Horseradish.





My husband’s main.  Wild mushroom tortellini, watercress & spinach sauce, Mediterranean vegetables, roasted tomatoes, micro herbs.




わたしは、色々迷って「チキンカツカレー」。なぜか、イギリスではカツカレーというとチキン、そして英語で「katsu curry」と書かれています。多分、某有名なWから始まる「和食屋さん」(和食と思ってほしくないけど)が出したのが始まりだと思うのですが、そのお店のカツカレーは美味しくなさすぎてびっくりしました。あれは、カレーじゃない。で、このパブのは、タイカレー味でした(笑)。しかも、タイっぽく、にんじんときゅうりの甘酢漬けがのっていました。まぁ、日本のカツカレーを食べるつもりでなければ、それなりに美味しかったです。ココナッツクリームが入っているのでヘビーですし、大きなチキンカツが2つものっていて、わたしは半分でギブアップ。夫が残りを食べました。

I had “Corn fed chicken katsu curry, steamed basmati rice, cucumber, carrot ribbons, spring onions”.  I find it very strange that Katsu Curry is always chicken and it’s always written as “Katsu Curry”, I guess it’s from that famous “Japanese” restaurant chain (though I don’t think their food is Japanese at all) that made it spread.  The curry I had there once was just awful, I would not call that curry.  Anyway, this one was …  well… Thai curry that looked like Japanese curry.  It had a distinctive Thai flavour.  It also came with cucumber and carrot pickles on top, which was also very odd.  Still, it tasted quite pleasant as a Thai curry.  It was quite heavy because of coconut milk and also came with 2 large chicken cutlets so I just managed to have about a half and my husband finished it.





We shared Sticky Toffee Pudding, which was nice and light and very tasty.



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