French Onion Gratin Soup & Salads


The days are getting shorter, the sunset is around 7.15pm these days and it’s dark when we start having dinner.  They’ll get shorter and shorter and it’ll start getting dark after 3.00pm in winter.  Still, my husband and I quite like winter, it’s nice and cozy at home.


Today’s dinner was French Onion Gratin Soup (from the freezer), 2 salads, a few salami, cheese & fruits.  Salads were carrot salad and potato salad.  Although I like the smashed potato salad with mayonnaise as well, I prefer this style (lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, minced onion or shallot and minced cornichon) when we have it as a salad like this.  Fruits with cheese were apple and figs.  The figs were very hard and didn’t look they would be sweet so I cut them in half, drizzed a little honey and baked them in the oven, which made them quite soft, sweet and tasty.


We had only about a half of each salad so we’ll use them for sandwiches tomorrow for lunch.  I like them with mayonnaise in sandwiches better, so I added some and they are waiting in the fridge.











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