Chicken Tagine


We hadn’t used the Thermomix for a while so we thought we would, and I searched for recipes using chiken breast and we decided to cook “Chicken Tagine”.  When we cook using the Thermomix my husband is so keen to cook so I mainly do chopping.


The recipe has chicken breast, red onion, coourgette, carrot, spices and chicken stock but we used brown onion instead of red, added red and yellow pepper because we had only 1 very small carrot.  We also added coriander leaves and a little preserved lemon.


When it was done and I looked, I was shocked to see almost all the chicken was shreaded finely.  It was sauteed for a few minutes then cooked only 10 minutes.  When I checked the photo on the recipe page, I could see that the chicken is indeed totally shredded, my fault that I didn’t look at the photo properly.  It tasted very nice, we just didn’t like the texture of the chicken so much.







I’d forgotten to mention that we had G & T before dinner, the first time for a long time.



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