Vegetable Curry


Although it is warm-ish and goes as high as 20C during the day, it starts feeling a bit chilly by late afternoon, so I started wearing thick tights.  I think I was wearing them until around May so I seem to need them for more than half of the year.


The garden renovation seems to be going well so far.  The lawn is all gone and the patio is gone and it’s looking like a proper construction site.  We thought there might be a hedgehog nest but so far they haven’t found any although apparently the found a mother and babies of voles.  They said the mother ran away but they put the babies somewhere safe so hopefully the mother will come back and find her babies.  I didn’t know anything about voles but did a little search online and found that they eat roots of young trees, vegetables etc and can damage lawns.   Hmmmm.



Today’s dinner was again from the freezer, a vegetable curry.  There wasn’t enough vegetables so we added some potato and carrot.









Our next door neighbour brought us 2 muffins in the evening.  As they had just been baked and were still warm we wanted to have them while they were fresh so had them after dinner and they were delicious, fluffy and moist.  However we got so full!  We had quite a big and late pasta lunch. I’m still very full.



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