Stir-fried Mince Pork Thai Style


Today’s dinner was going to be Stir-fried mince pork with basil but the basil plant had gone off completely and we didn’t have any in the fridge either.  We’ve been using Italian or Thai basil so it wasn’t a real thing anyway (as you are supposed to use holy basil), but without any basil I don’t know what to call it.






お友達にお聞きしたら、日本のニュースにはなっていないそうですが、今、イギリスは車に入れるガソリンがなくて困っています。ガソリンスタンドに長蛇の列が出来ていて、売り切れにもなっています。コロナの影響でトラックのドライバーさんが不足しているところに Brexit のお陰でこれまでいたヨーロッパからの出稼ぎの人たちもいられなくなり、ガソリンを運ぶトラックがないのが大きな原因らしいです。(他にもいくつか原因はあるようですが。)政府は「普通に必要な時だけガソリンを入れてください。」と言うのですが、そりゃあ、みんな不安になって今すぐ必要でなくても入れに行きますよね。車社会なのでガソリンがないとみんな困りますから。Brexit が決行されるまであんなに時間があったのに、何の対策もとっていないようで驚きです。今更、今なら3ヶ月だけ海外からのトラックドライバーにビザを出しますって、そんな勝手な(苦笑)。3ヶ月だけ働きに来る人がどれだけいるでしょう。

I asked my friend if she’s seen news in Japan about the petrol problems in England, mainly due to the shortage of truck drivers, but she told me she hadn’t.  We are having a shortage of petrol, there are long queues at petrol stations and they “sell out” in some hours.  Apparently, we had shortage of truck drivers due to covid but Brexit has pushed it even further and there aren’t enough truck drivers to transfer petrol (although there are a few other causes).  The government is telling us to “fill the petrol as normal, only when you need it”, but who wouldn’t panic?  We cannot go anywhere without petrol.  There were 2 years before Brexit happened, didn’t they make a plan?  Nothing was done to prevent this?  Now they are saying they’ll give visas to drivers from overseas for 3 months, how selfish can they be?  Who wants to come just for 3 months?  Europe must be laughing at us.


We are supposed to go on holidays from Sunday for about a week, it’s just in the UK but it would be a longer trip and we were very looking forward to this, but we cannot go if we cannot have enough petrol.  We need it not only to get to the destinations but also to be able to drive around the area when we are there and also to get back home again.  I cannot see it’ll be solved very quickly, so does that mean we’ll have to cancel the holidays?  Very frustrating and sad.

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