Sourdough Bread


It’s been a long time since I last baked Sourdough.  Although it is quite light sourdough unlike many breads that I’ve had in England, it is still chewy (which is lovely) so it’s great to have at a meal or as bruschetta but seems a little heavy for sandwiches.  Also I find it difficult to get the timing right as I need to take the starter out of the fridge, feed it and wait until it’s all nice and bubbly.  So I haven’t been baking it often.


I think you are supposed to feed it once a week or so but a week goes so fast and it’s often a few weeks when I realise I need to feed it.  When I remember, I mix the liquid sitting on top with the rest well, then take 100g of it and feed 100g water and 100g strong flour and it seems to be fine.


This is the recipe I follow for baking this bread. but as I used 80% of the ingredients I adjusted the baking time slightly.   I used Six-Seeds flour only this time.  I started preparing the dough quite late yesterday, so I didn’t have 3 hours after shaping it before putting it in the fridge, so after taking it out of the fridge this morning I left it for 2 and a half hours before baking today.  So there were a couple of conditions that differed from before so I was a little worried, but it came out very nicely.







We are letting it cool now.  It’s so tempting to eat it while it’s warm but apparently that’ll dry the rest of the bread so we are being good.



While it’s in the fridge the outside dries a little so it’s easy to make the slash in the top just before putting it in the oven.

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