Birthday Trip Day 5 (Shrewsbury)

バースデー旅行5日目の昨日は、ウェールズからバースまでの移動日でしたが、途中ランチ休憩も兼ねて白黒の古い建物が素敵に Shrewsbury という街に寄りました。本当に沢山の古くて傾いた建物が残っている素敵な街でした。素敵過ぎて、写真が凄い数です!

On the 5th day of our trip, which was yesterday, we drove from Wales to Bath but stopped at the town of  Shrewsbury  where many beautiful (and leaning) old buildings survive – it really was a lovely town. It was so beautiful that I took tons of photos!


These were the lunch dishes we had in a cafe in this town. We’ve been to some beautiful towns and seen some very beautiful scenery but the food has been a huge let down, and until we came to Bath we didn’t get any good meals. Now that we are in Bath, which is a large city, we finally had good food.



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