Dinner At “Thai Time”

昨日はディナーを作るのが面倒だったのと、前回アランデルの「Thai Time」に行ったときに食べたチェンマイソーセージが食べたくなり、「Thai Time」に行きました。前回もオーダーした揚げ野菜春巻き、パパイヤサラダ、チェンマイソーセージとここでは初挑戦のジャングルカレー。

We didn’t want to cook dinner last night after our long drive back home and I wanted to have the Chiang Mai Sausage that we had at “Thai Time” in Arundel, so we went there for dinner.  We ordered Deep-fried Vegetable Spring Rolls, Papaya Salad, Chiang Mai Sausage and Jungle Curry.



Deep-fried spring rolls.


I loved their Papaya Salad last time but this time it was so fishy I couldn’t eat it.  We asked the staff and we were told that a different chef cooked it this time so he probably put in a lot of fish sauce although they cook based on the same recipe.  I’m usually OK with fish sauce but this was too fishy and even my husband didn’t like it.



Jungle Curry.  I learned how to make this at a cooking class in Hong Kong but I think this is probably only the second time for us to order it in a restaurant.  It is quite different from other Thai curries and I think it’s a bit of an acquired taste. I’m OK with it but don’t love it but my husband enjoyed it.



And Chiang Mai Sausage, which was very tasty.



Then we finished the dinner with Banana Fritter, which my husband always loves in Thai restaurants.  These have coconut shreds around the banana.




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