Gathering With Friends (at The Golden Lion)



We had lunch with 2 couples friends.  In the last one month or so, we have had quite a lot going on (for us anyway, many others are much busier than us) with the trips, lunches & dinners with different friends, but it just happened that way.  After today, not a lot is on.  We have been seeing one couple often enough as they live not far from us but we hadn’t see the other couple for a few years – this was the first time since we moved to England.

ランチの場所は、Southwick という小さな村にあるThe Golden Lion」というパブ。我が家から車で45分くらいのところみあり、第二次世界大戦で軍の秘密のオフィースに使われたという歴史があるパブで、食事もチップスは買ったものを揚げているけれど、他は全て手作りだとおっしゃっていました。

The lunch was at a pub “The Golden Lion” in a little village of Southwick, which is about 45 minutes from us.  The pub was used as an unofficial officers mess during WWII.  Apparently, they make everything there (except chips, which they buy in but fry at the pub).


I had Beef Burger, my husband had Steak & Ale Pie, and we shared a Sticky & Toffee Pudding.  Our friends had Steak & Ale Pie, Vegetable and bean curry, Vegetable Pie…  The burger was quite good and I think everyone enjoyed their lunch.


It was lovely to catch up with them all and know that they and their families are all well.








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