Spaghetti Carbonara


Today’s dinner was Spaghetti Carbonara.  There are so many different recipes and each chef seems to publish more than one recipe, so we don’t seem to have a favourite one that we always use, but basically we don’t use cream, just egg, Parmesan cheese and pancetta (or guanciale).  Today, we used one whole egg and one egg yolk (sometime we use whole eggs only and sometimes egg yolks only).  Lots of black pepper, too.  I didn’t add enough salt (the pancetta didn’t have a lot of salt) so we needed to add Parmesan cheese at the table but it turned out quite good.  I think that the way to make almost any pasta well is to cook it slightly under, pour the pasta in the sauce and add some pasta cooking water and cook until the pasta is as you like in the pan with the sauce.



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