Vegetable Curry (Japanese)


Today’s dinner was vegetable curry.  As always I sauteed chopped onion first, added garlic and ginger, then spices, then tin tomato – up to here it’s Indian style.  Then I added water, vegetable soup stock powder (organic), then added vegetables one by one with some time between each lot so they’ll all get tender around the same time.


Vegetables we used today were carrots, potatoes, broccoli, and red onion (in chunks).  We didn’t have many vegetables at home so we also added chick peas (tin).  We added grated apple (a half, that’s what I found in the fridge) and peach preserve so we could get a little sweetness as well.  It was more spicy than we intended but very enjoyable.  We made quite a large batch so we can freeze a couple of meals.



The planting of our new trees, bulbs and other plants will be done tomorrow, we are so looking forward to seeing our garden after all the planting is done.


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