I’d forgotten to blog the flowers that we get from the subscription (every two weeks) for the last one month or so, these are the flowers we received this time (2 weeks ago), they are lilies but a bit unusual, their petals are in multiple layers.






We’ve been getting these subscription flowers every two weeks for the past year or more, but these are the last lot and we cancelled the subscription.  Although it was convenient that flowers arrive every two weeks without me ordering, but it has become inconvenient because we go away or go out now and again but I forget to change the delivery date and you need to do that a few days in advance.   Now that we can go out, we can buy flowers from real shops when we want and we can also order from different flower shops on line.  The prices of the flowers in the subscription are the same as when we order just a single lot, so no discount for having regular long teen deliveries – and I found their variety not great.




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