Today’s dinner was Raclette.  We have Cheese Fondue often but we don’t have Raclette very often, maybe a few times a year, specially in England it’s not easy to find Raclette cheese.


However, we could not find the equipment for raclette when we staretd preparing for it.  We used it once in England, a year ago, so it must be somewhere.  The equipment for raclette is quite large so there aren’t many places we could keep it in, we looked and looked but couldn’t find it.  So in the end we used our portable IH cooker and a frying pan to melt the cheese today.


I did a little research on how to do Raclette because I wondered how it’s eaten usually and found that you usually have it with boiled potatoes, salami, ham sausages, cornichon – but we also have a good size salad.  Although it looks like most people just pour the melted cheese over some potato and eat it, we have it with chopped onion, paprika and/or garlic powder because that’s the way our Swiss friend prepared it for us when we were invited to her home.






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