Japanese Dinner



Today’s dinner was “Japanese” although I’m not sure how “Japanees” it really is because cream croquette isn’t regarded as Japanese in Japan and probably corn fritter isn’t either.  We deep-fried the cream croquettes that I made from a zoom cooking class and had frozen, cooked also 3 gyoza that we bought frozen.  We made Japanese style bean sprout salad with sesame and onion, and broccoli miso soup.  We also had natto.  We knew that the gyoza we bought were seasoned too much so didn’t use soy sauce in the dipping sauce, just black vinegar and chilli oil.  As we had to deep-fry the croquettes, we also made some sweet corn fritters.  The croquettes and fritters came out nice and light and crispy.  This is the way a typical Japanese would often have their dinner – a little bit of many dishes with rice and miso soup, lots of vegetables with a little meat.






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