Mushroom Risotto


Looking at the weather forecast, it looks like it’s going to be a very grey week, I cannot see any sun mark at all until Sunday.  Autumn and winter is a miserable time here.  I don’t mind being cold so much, I just wish there were a little more sun.  We bought some solar lights for our garden and tried 2 first yesterday and added more today.  The ones we put out yesterday  were very dim earlier then stopped working  because, I think, there wasn’t enough sun to charge them during the day today.


今日は Thermomix で作るマッシュルームとドライポルチーニのリゾットでした。ほとんど手間要らずで勝手に作ってくれるので有難いのですが、少し調整が必要です。玉ねぎはプログラムより長く炒めること、マッシュルームはレシピより多めに使ってドライポルチーニとそのつけ汁を足すこと、そして、今日忘れてしまったのですが最後に加えるお湯(またはスープストック)は少し多めに加えること(でないと今日のように水分が足りない出来上がりになってしまいます)。4人分を半量で作りますが、メインとしていただく量ではないらしく少し少ないので、3分の2くらい作った方が良い感じです。

Our dinner today was Mushroom & Porcini Risotto using the Thermomix.  It’s so easy to make it using a Thermomix but we do need to make some adjustment.  We sautee onion longer than the programme says, use more mushrooms than the recipe and add dry porcini (with the liquid you soak them in).  Also, we forgot to do this today, but we need to add a more extra hot water (or soup stock) than in the recipe, otherwise it gets a little too thick.  Another thing we noticed is that the recipe is supposed to be for 4 people and we cook half but it’s not really enough if you want it as a main dish, we should cook 2/3 of the recipe.








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