Chicken Musakhan & Tabbouleh

今日の夕食は、10日ほど前にロンドンのレストランからオーダーしたスマック風味のチキン( Chicken Musakhan) を半分冷凍していたので、温めて、タブレと一緒にピタに挟んでいただきました。少しスマックの香りや塩気が強くなった気はしましたが臭みは出ていず、美味しくいただきました。

Today’s dinner was left-over from what we ordered from a restaurant in London about 10 days ago – Chicken Musakhan, which is Middle-Eastern sumac-flavoured chicken.  We had a half on the day and kept the other half in the freezer, so we just warmed it up in the oven with frozen pita bread and made tabouleh and had the pita stuffed with them.  The chicken, I thought, had stronger flavour from sumac and salt but it wasn’t gamy or anything and we enjoyed it very much.



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