Macaroni Cheese with Leek & Bacon


The place on my arm where the corona vaccine booster was injected started to hurt a little in the evening yesterday and I wasn’t able to sleep on that side because it was too painful, and it’s still a bit painful if I touch it.  I had the same thing after the first and second jabs but if this is the only side effect I get from the vaccine I am very lucky and I feel I cannot complain, but it is a bit inconvenient that I cannot sleep on my left side as that’s the way I feel the most comfortable.

今日の夕食は、マカロニチーズ。Delia Smith のレシピを元にしています。今日は余っていた薄切りベーコンを使いましたが、本当はパンチェッタの拍子切りを使います。上にはパン粉とチーズとカイエンヌペッパー。Delia Smith のレシピのホワイトソースは濃度が濃いのですが、わたしはもう少し緩めが好みです。

Today’s dinner was Macaroni Cheese – based on Delia Smith’s recipe.  We used thinly slice bacon that we had in the fridge but you are actually supposed to use chopped pancetta.  Some breadcrumbs, cheese & cayenne pepper on top.   I find the white sauce of Delia Smith for this recipe is very thick, I prefer it a little thinner.



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