Christmas Cards (Emboss Resist)


I cannot make cards that take hours and hours only so I chose one card design that will let me make many in one go and made them yesterday and today.  I say many but I made 12 in 2 days, not that quick – but the quickest card I’ve made, I think.  The cards I have blogged this year all take an hour or more to make just one card, so comparing to those these ones were quicker.


First you stamp a background stamp with small stars with clear sticky ink, pour white embossing powder, let it melt.  Then you put a stencil, colour with distress ink – the pattern from the background stamp resists the ink so you will see the pattern in white.  Then I added some sequences and a sentiment on each card.  I made some chaneges with colours, the base cardstock and the way to put the stencil on.

Gina K さんのカードを参考にしました。5分で出来るカードシリーズで紹介されていますが、とてもじゃないですが5分では無理です。台紙を切って、枠になる黒いカードを切って、上に乗せる白いカードを切って、ヒートエンボスして色を塗って、メッセージをスタンプしてエンボスして。。。大抵のことがそうですが、すぐ出来そうなカードも思っている何倍も時間がかかります。

I referred to Gina K’s youtube video, it’s supposed to take only 5 minutes but it’s impossible for me to make one in 5 minutes.  Cut and fold the base, cut the black mat, cut the white card, heat emboss, colour, heat emboss the sentiments ..  even a card that looks the simplest takes much longer than you expect.



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  1. Robin in TN says:

    These are beautiful!!! I am a slow crafter too. Mine never take 5 minutes either. lol

    1. Noodle says:

      I don’t know who can make any card in 5 minutes! It takes me that long to find everything I need!

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