Tomato & Mozzarella Pasta


Today’s dinner was a very simple – tomato & mozzarella spaghettini.  I prefer long pasta with very simple sauce (or no sauce like Aglio e Olio) but my husband prefers short pasta with lots of stuff in the sauce.  However, my husband has said a few times recently that he now enjoys long pasta as well – as long as there is enough sauce.   I first sauteed garlic (cut in matchstick shape) and chilli flakes in quite a lot of olive oil, when the garlic started browning I added some tin tomato (I guess it was a little less than a full tin that was left in the fridge), salt, pepper and a little dried oregano and let it cook down.  Then I added fresh mini tomatoes and put the lid on the shallow pan so they’ll start getting soft quicker.  When the pasta was done I added it to the sauce with a little cooking water, mixed it vigorously until the pasta was cooked to the right texture, adjusted seasoning, added cut mozzarella (soft type), mixed it all and it was done.  I wish we had some basil but sadly we didn’t.  It was very tasty and my husband loved it, too, specially with the mozzarella that makes it gooey.  The pasta is spaghettini that cookes in 10 minutes, I like about this size or a little thinner ones.



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