Walking Along Arun River On A Sunny Winter Day


As forecasted, it was a beautiful sunny day with the blue sky today.   As it was such lovely weather, we went to Arundel to walk along the river.  Soon after we moved to England, our friends, who live relatively near us, told us we should go and walk there together when the weather got better, but then lockdown happened and we never did.  It’s so close to us but this was our first time to walk along the Arun river.  The part we walked was quite flat and easy to walk.  We walked up to the lake and turned around, so it was only 2000 steps one way, 4000 steps altogether, about 3km.  There were so many water birds like ducks, swans, (we think) seaguls.  I’m sure there will be tons of chicks in spring.  Although it was cold, there was no wind and it was sunny so a very nice day for a walk.  However, with all the rain recently, some parts were very muddy so we didn’t go further than the lake, but it looks like you can walk around the lake so we should go and do that next time when there is less rain and when the roads are not so muddy.  Arundel is very popular, so the only worry is that it may get very busy.   Since we moved to England, because of lockdown and the situation with Covid, we haven’t seen Arundel being busy but we are told it gets busy in summer.


I think that the majority of British people don’t like January very much.  After the hipe of Christmas, other than New Year Eve parties, not much goes on in January, not like in Japan, where people have New Year parties often.  It’s cold and often rainy.  The days are still very short, it’s dark by 5.0opm.  No wonder why they don’t like January.  I love being at home and I always hated hot climate (and I lived in hot countreis for 20 years) so having cold weather is preferable to me because you can be warm inside your house, but even I start missing blue sky!  Seeing the blue sky like today does cheers you up a lot, and looking at the sun marks (though a small part behind a cloud) in the next 10 days on weather forecasts makes me happy.












ついでに「Palant of Arundel」に寄ってチーズなど買って戻りました。




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