Tapas (Motte & Bailey) In Arundel

今日は、アランデルに夕食に出かけました。ロックダウン前によくランチに行っていたカフェの「Motte & Bailey」が夜はタパスレストランになります。一度トライしてみないとね、と言っていましたが、やっと。

We went out for dinner to Arundel today.   We used to go to a cafe ‘Motte & Bailey” for lunch often before lockdown, but we found out that they become a tapas restaurant in the evenings, so we’ve been wanting to try and we’ve finally tried.


Olives, tomato toast, flat bread, warm chorizo.



Potato Bravas (potato with tomato sauce, there was some aioli as well).


Spiced cauliflower.



We were quite full by this,  but we wanted something light so we ordered another tomato toast.


Then churros for dessert.  They were deep-fried too long and tasted burned so we asked them to make them again.




They still looked deep-fried too long but at least they didn’t taste burned.  I found them quite oily, though.






All in all we enjoyed the meal and the staff were very nice and friendly.   We had just 1 glass of red wine each and the bill was about 55 pounds.  The menu isn’t very large but there were still some more dishes we could have tried so we would be happy to return.


Motte & Bailey
49 High Street
Arundel BN18 9AG


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