Butter Chicken


Today’s dinner was Butter Chicken – using The Spice Tailor’s kit that I’ve blogged before.  It says no artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings but keeps about six months, so we have bought it a few times.  When we bought it last time, though,  I thought “it keeps six months, no need to hurry” and the six months had gone before I knew it, and it was way past the best by date when I checked.  This time we thought we should use it relatively soon.  All you do is to sautee the spices, add chicken and brown the outside, add the base sauce and cook for a few minutes then the main sauce.  When the chicken is cooked it’s done.  Quick and easy and tastes surprisingly good.


Last time we marinaded the chicken in yogurt and some curry powder but this time we just followed the packet instructions.  I cannot remember what it was like last time but I have a feeling it might’ve been better before.




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