Shoga-Yaki (Japanese Pork With Ginger Sauce)


Today’s dinner was Japanese – sliced pork with ginger (shoga-yaki), stir-fried cabbage & bean sprouts and a small salad.  We cannot find any thinly sliced meat around here, so we asked our butcher to slice pork shoulder as thinly as they can and used it by bashing it thinly but it was still not really thin enough for Asian cooking.  I’ve heard that putting some corn starch on one side, folding in half with the corn starch side inside before cooking in a pan makes it tender so I tried it but I felt it took too long to cook all the way through so ended up opening up and cooking in a normal way after all because I think the slices are too thick.  Still they did come out nice and tender. However, I didn’t add enough ginger this time.  I don’t cook this enough times, probably this is the 2nd or the 3rd time I’ve ever cooked it since we got married, so no wonder it wasn’t perfect.




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