Sandwiches At La Patisserie

以前もあっぷしたことがあるケーキやフランスパンが美味しい「La Patisserie」に行ってきました。ロンドンには所謂日本のケーキ屋さんなどで見かけるタイプのケーキを売っているお店も結構あるようですが、ロンドン以外ではイギリスではほとんどなく、イギリスではお店でもケーキといえば素朴なパウンドケーキのようなものやビクトリアスポンジなど家庭的なケーキがほとんどなのです。素朴なケーキも美味しいですが、時々、もっと洗練されたケーキも食べたくなります。明日、うちでお隣とそのお隣の奥様たちとモーニングコーヒーに集まるので、それを言い訳に(笑)買いに行ってきました。車で30分かかるので気軽にちょくちょく、というわけには行かないのです。

As I’ve blogged before, we found a very nice patisserie in Shoreham a while ago.  I think they now have quite a few patisseries like this in London but I don’t think there are many outside London in England.  Here even in cake shops the cakes they sell are pound cakes or Victoria sponge or that sort of very homey cakes, which are also nice but we sometimes want to have more sophisticated ones.  As I’m hosting a coffee morning tomorrow (only with 2 ladies, who are our neighbours) we made it an excuse to go there and get some cakes.  It takes 30 minutes by car to get there, which seems far to go often just for cakes.


They have a few tables in this small place and we were lucky enough to be able to get one, so we had a a light lunch of sandwiches.  The one in the front is salami and gherkin and the other one is coronation chicken, we shared them.  I find bread like this is almost always too dry or too chewy to enjoy but these were very nice even though  they were not warmed up.




There were quite a lot of kinds of cakes (mostly tarts) today.  I wasn’t able to take photos of others as people were queueing in front of the display but there were probably 5 or 6 more kinds.   We are looking forward to having them tomorrow!


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