Spanish Omlette & Roasted Pepper With Tomato


Today’s evening meal was spanish omlette with lots of cooked onion, roasted red peppers and a salad.  We almost always have left-overs of the omlette, which we use for sandwich on the following day.  Sandwich with this omlette is delicious.  Roasted pepper has sliced garlic and tomatoes inside, seasoned well and a lot of olive oil then roasted at around 180C or 200C for 40 minutes to an hour – until the pepper is very soft.  The pepper and tomatoes become very sweet  and the juice from the tomatoes and the olive oil makes delicious dipping sauce for bread.  The original recipe uses anchovy instead of salt, so if you like ancovy use it.  The salad was a simple one with tomato, onion & lettuce.




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