A Walk In The Village


As the rain stopped yesterday afternoon, we walked in our little village.  Our village is so little that there isn’t much to see and it only takes about 30 minutes to walk slowly up to the church, then back.






Along both sides of the road near the church, there are hundreds of Christmas roses in bloom.  This time of year, in England, wherever you go, you see snowdrops, daffodils, narcisus and Christmas roses.




The church spire is being repaired.




In a month or so, we’ll see tulips, magnolia, then in May bluebells, then rhododendrons, azelias, and then hydrangeas…  we’ll be able to see so many flowers until autumn.  In Japan, in major places the roads are all asphalt and you don’t often see wild flowers but here we see wild flowers wherever you go.  There are many large gardens that belong to the Natiional Trust and others, too, where you can see beautiful flowers.  I don’t know if it’s because the population is much lower here than in Japan or not as many people are interested in flowers but these places don’t get as crowded as in Japan so we can easily enjoy viewing such flowers.  Since we moved to England, we haven’t had so many opportunities to visit places because of Covid but we are looking forward to enjoying seasonal flowers this year.


Now that we seem to be in a better situation with Covid, with lower numbers of deaths and seriously ill people, the Russian incident happens and we cannot help having heartaches and worries.  I hope it’ll end soon…

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