Pork Normandy

今日の夕食は、ポークのノルマンディー風にしました。Delia Smith の本からのレシピです。ポーク(ロース)の両面を焼いて取り出し、玉ねぎとニンニクを入れてソテーして取り出し、りんごの輪切りを入れて両面焼いて取り出し、サイダー(りんごのお酒)を加えて煮立ててからポークを戻し、タイムをかけ、その上に玉ねぎとニンニクをのせ、りんごをのせ、お砂糖を少しぱぱぱらとかけ、蓋をしてオーブン(180度)で30−40分煮込み、最後にクリームを加えるというレシピです。シュガー・スナップ・ピーを添えました。

Our dinner today was Pork Normandy from Delia Smith’s cookbook.  You sautee both sides of pork steaks, take them out, add onion and garlic, take them out, add apple and take it out, pour cider in, let it come to boiling, then put back the pork, sprinkle on some thyme, then onion & garlic, then apple, sprinkle on a little sugar, put the lid on and cook it in the oven (180C) for 30-40 minutes.  Add cream at the end and it’s done.


We now usually go to the butcher we like, get a lot of different cuts of different meat, put them in separate bags, vaccum back them and put them in the freezer.  The last time when we went there, they didn’t have any pork shoulders.  We find pork loin in England tough and dry whatever we do to it, so we stopped buying it and now buy pork shoulder.  Even when you just sautee pork, we prefer shoulder.  However, when we were there last time they didn’t have it so we bought pork steaks instead.  I heard that marinading pork in shio-koji makes it tender so we tried it today but it didn’t work, it was still tough and dry.  One end of the steak wasn’t too bad but tough and dry on the other end.  It tasted good and we enjoyed the onion, apple and sugar snap peas but didn’t enjoy the texture of the pork.


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