Indian Restaurant (Spice Village)

今日は、香港時代からのお友達ご夫婦とそのお友達ご夫婦(香港で知り合われたそう)と6人でインド料理を食べに行きました。レストランは、Emsworth というところにある Spice Villageというインド料理のレストラン。それぞれ1組がオーダーして一部シェアー。

We had dinner at an Indian restaurant in Emsworth, “Spice Village”, with our friends from Hong Kong time and also their friends (they also met in Hong Kong).  Each couple made a few orders and shared some of them.


Vegetable samosa.




Okra curry – no sauce, just stir-fried with spices.

Balti Shobuz Murgh Tikka というチキンのカレー。あまり食べたことがない風味のカレーで、軽めでとても美味しかったです。2人でオーダーしたのはこの3点ですが、他に下の写真の右手前に少し写っているダールや茄子のカレーなども少しいただきました。

Balti Shobuz Murgh Tikka.  It tasted a bit unusual (but in a good way), it was lighter than many curries I’ve had and very tasty.  We ordered these 3 items but had some daal (the yellow curry on the front right of the photo below this) and aubergine curry as well.





We also ordered pilau, naan and beer.  Including the tip, it was 45 pounds per couple, which seems very reasonable.  We enjoyed everything.





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