Garden Update


After the garden renovation, we hadn’t cut the lawn, as you need to leave the turf for a few months until it settles in well.  As it’s been winter, it hadn’t grown like  it would have in the summer, but it still grew too tall for our mowing robot to cut, so we had a gardener come and do that today.  It looks nice, neat and stripey.  The robot moves this way and that way and every other way so it doesn’t make such stripes, I do love seeing stripes like this on a lawn.



The narcissus started to bloom and those that only had stems and leaves now have buds and a lot of crocuses are flowering now where the sun hits longest during the day.  On the photos, they don’t look much but in real eyes they look quite pretty.










Also, anemones have some flowers now, too!  I didn’t expect them to come out so early.





We see some muscali here and there as well – they are the ones my husband planted a couple of years ago.  Also the ones that we thought looked like tulips are probably tulips, they are also growing.  When we had the garden renovated, they removed some soil (from under the old lawn), dug over the soil and added some, so I guess the tulip bulbs got moved around.  We saw a couple of them growing at the edge of the lawn but they got trimmed today by the mower.




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