Pasta Bake





Today’s dinner was Pasta Bake.

When I looked in our freezer, I thought I found a pack of beef stew and a pack of beef stew sauce (when there is left-over sauce we freeze just the sauce) and moved them into the fridge.  I thought we’ll put the two together so it’ll be like a ragu, then make white sauce and combine for a pasta bake.  However, when I looked a them today they were both beef stew sauce – so I defrosted some minced beef, sauteed onion then the beef, added the sauce and some water, salt & pepper and cooked until it looked good and thick.  We cooked pasta (rigatoni), mixed it with the ragu, put it in a gratin dish and poured on white sauce that my husband made, put some pizza cheese on top, then baked in the 200C oven until it was brown and bubbly.

My husband often chooses penne for this sort of dish but I prefer rigatoni or shell ones so white sauce gets into the holes.  I like white sauce to be looser than usual for pasta bake.  It was very tasty.



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