There were 2 things that I was nervous about today, so I’m feeling a little tired now.  We went out for one of them and were going to go to a Vietnamese restaurant nearby for lunch, after which we were going to come home so I could join a zoom French Baking Class. However it turned out that the restaurant we had chosen was closed.  So as I didn’t have much time we decided to just go to a supermarket, pick up sandwiches and have them at home before my class.  The class was originally going to start at 5:00pm so we thought we would have a big lunch, then in the evening just have toast or something as well as one of the cakes that I was going to bake.  As it turned out we didn’t have a  big lunch so we were hungry in the evening.  The starting time of the class changed to 4:00pm so fortunately the dinner wasn’t too late.


As we weren’t planning to have a proper meal in the evening and we didn’t have much time to prepare, we had to come up with something quick to cook, so we used one of the things my sister sent to me from Japan. This was a pack of seasoning and a pack of glass noodles called “Chapche” (Korean), all you need to do is to add any vegetable and/or meat and stir-fry together with them.  The suggestion on the packet was to use sliced beef and sliced green pepper but we didn’t have either of them, so we just used what we have at home – carrot, sugar snap peas and courgette.






Talking about my sister sending me things from Japan, I’ve noticed that Japan Post stopped accepting any parcels to the UK by air.  I was just thinking about asking my sister to send a parcel as I order things on Amazon Japan or other online shops in Japan, have them sent to my sister’s and ask her to pack a parcel and send it by EMS  a few times a year.  It was getting very expensive and I think it cost me something like 200 pounds to send a parcel with surcharge but at least I was able to have one sent by air.   I can still have one sent by sea but not only it takes a long time but also there is a big chance that the box gets broken.

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