Dinner In A Pub (Black Horse)

昨日の夜、今日の夕食を作る(というより何を作るか決める)気分にならなかったので、外食に決定!ということで、車ですぐ近くのところにある「Black Horse」に行きました。

Last night I couldn’t be bothered to come up with a dinner for tonight, so we decided to eat out.  We went to a pub “The Black Horse”, which is very close from  us.


We shared Scotch Egg With Curry Mayo.  I’ve seen some huge scotch eggs but this one was small (or normal) size, just right for us to share as a starter.  It wasn’t oily, outside was nice and crunchy.



I had Pulled BBQ Beef Burger.  The pulled beef was like beef stew, it tasted good on its own but I didn’t think it went with gherkin and fresh tomato in a bun, I would have enjoyed it more with boiled or steamed vegetables.


My husband had Fish & Chips.




We had something sweet at home that we should eat soon so didn’t have dessert here so we didn’t stay long.  As it’s Friday, there was a large group of people as well as many families and the pub was very busy.


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