Wakehurst Place

今日は予報通りとっても良いお天気になり、気温も17度まで上がりました。土曜日なので混むかもしれないと少し心配しましたが、あまりに良いお天気だったので出かけないのは勿体無い気がして、車で1時間くらいのところにある「Wakehurst Place」というところまで行ってみました。本当はロンドンはマグノリアが満開のようなのでどこかたくさんマグノリアの木があるところに行きたかったのですが見つからなかったので、以前から気になっていたWakehurst Placeに行くことにしました。土手や道路沿いにはたくさんの水仙が咲いていました。

As predicted, it was a beutiful day today, the temperature went as high as 17C, which I think is rare in England at this time of year.  I was a little worried that places might be busy today as the weather was so lovely and it is a Saturday, but we felt we should go out so we don’t waste such a lovely day.  We decided to go to “Wakehurst Place” which is about an hour from us.  We wanted to go somewhere, where we can see magnolias in full bloom as I know they are all out in London, but we couldn’t find any particular place for magnolias so we chose “Wakehurst Place” since we’d been wanting to go there for a while.  We saw a lot of daffodils & narcissus everywhere – on banks and along the roads.

Wakehurst Place はキュー・ガーデンが植物を育てるのに使っているようですが、管理はナショナル・トラストがしているようで、ナショナル・トラストのメンバーシップがあれば入場は無料、ただ、駐車料金だけかかります。

Apparently, Kew garden is using Wakehurst Place to grow their plants, but it seems to be managed by National Trust and we were able to get in free of charge because we have NT membership, although we had to pay for the car park.


There was a hill, valleys, a large lake etc, it felt like we were walking somewhere in nature, we saw a lot of trees with blooms along the way and it was very enjoyable to walk in the grounds.  We walked 4.2km, about an hour and a half stopping here and there to take photos.  Although the temperature was as high as 17C and the sun was shining, it wasn’t as warm as we thought because of the wind and we did need to wear jackets, though I got a bit too hot after walking for about an hour and my husband kindly carried my jacket for me.


There weren’t that many magnolia trees but there were some, some of them in full bloom, and some that seemed to be already finished.  However there were still some that had lots of buds but not many flowers yet , so I guess their peak will be in a week or two.  Many of the magnnolias we saw had huge flowers, they looked as large as a baby’s face.  There were many daffodils and narcissus as well, maybe at their peak now although we saw a lot of buds, too.  Some rhodrendrons were in full bloom, too, but many of them didn’t have any flowers yet, just buds, so I presume their peak would be in a few weeks.


Although the car park looked quite busy and there were quite a lot of people at the entrance area, like in many places, once we started walking, we didn’t have to walk near anyone and we hardly saw anybody else in some areas because they are very large grounds.  We really enjoyed the walk and would love to go back sometime soon.







































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