Picnic At Home


Today’s dinner was “Picnic At Home”.  My husband went to a special grocery shop in Arundel to get a sausage roll but he also got Chick Pea & Chilli Pie (the filling was similar to samosa filling), which were both quite filling, so no cheese today.  We also had some salami with garlic, 2 other kinds of salami, tomatoes, celery, hardboiled eggs, grapes, romaine lettuce, tomato chutney, and Branston Pickles.  We enjoyed it!







We are going to rent a cottage that our friends have in Lyndhurst in the New Forest from tomorrow for 3 nights.  The weather in England has been and is expected to be exceptionally beautiful for the next week so yesterday we decided to go away for a quick break.  Lyndhurst is only an hour from home so I don’t know if we can call it a holiday, but it’ll be a change of scene and we feel very comfortable in the cottage because we spent weeks there after we first moved to England and didn’t yet have a home, and a bit later on when our house was being renovated.


The only problem is that there is no wifi in the cottage.  When we were staying there before, I tried and failed to blog posts with photographs, so I may not be able to post any until we get back home, which is next Saturday.



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