Spring Bouquet

ランチをした「Cowdray Farm Shop & Cafe」のファームショップには花束も置かれていて、ここに寄ったときは大抵花束も買います。種類は少ないのですがスーパーではあまり見かけないお花も混ざっていて、スーパーより割高ですが良い感じなのです。2つ買って合わせました。これで15ポンド暗い(2300円くらい)なので、これは結構お得だったかもと思います。紫陽花が入ったりするとぐんとお値段が跳ね上がります。ちょっと珍しいラナンキュラスや八重のチューリップも入っていますし、大好きなアネモネやクレマチスも。このタイプのクレマチスを入れると動きが出て良いですよね。

At the farm shop of “Cowdray Farm Shop & Cafe”, where we had lunch, they usually have some bouquets of flowers as well.  Although they don’t have many different bouquets, I find their selections of flowers more interesting than those you canget from supermarkets.  We bought 2 bouquets and put them together.  They tend to be more expensive here than in supermarkets but these weren’t so bad, 15 pounds together.  When there is a hydrangea in a bouquet the price seems to go quite high.  These have some a little unusual looking rananclus and tulips, and I love these anemones and clematis although they aren’t that unusual.






When we were driving, we saw that the trees have started to show the beginning of leaves, the spring is nearly here!  However, it is very cold today!  When we were having lunch and also when we were driving, it snowed just for a minute or two.


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